The Victory Dolls team has been teaching and directing young children individually in all aspects of theater, from acting to singing to dancing, for many years at such prestigious schools as St. Andrews School, G-Star School of the Arts, West Boca High School and many other locations.

Now as a group, The Victory Dolls have created a brand new program entitled Developing A Successful Career in the Arts. This intensive program was created exclusively by The Victory Dolls. It is custom designed for the young artist ages 13 and older who is ready to explore a career on the big stage, but not quite sure what the next step is. Imagine being mentored by some of South Florida’s leading actresses, award-winning women who have spent years honing their craft and careers on tour and in some of the finest theaters in Florida!

The Victory Dolls have vast expertise to guide you as you embark on your theatre career, no matter what the subject. They’ve learned a lot over many years as they’ve honed their careers in Florida and on the road across the country. They all have the insider knowledge, skills and tips you need to land your best shot at a career in theatre. Plus The Victory Dolls are really cool to hang out with!

​Composed of master classes, workshops, weekly intensives, private lessons as well as a monthly mentorship program, the Developing A Successful Career in the Arts program provides artists with all the essential skills needed to take the next step in their career.

Don’t wait! Take the next step in developing your career and call us today (954) 234-5982 for more information and to set up an interview.