Jinon is a home grown Florida Native who has been making a name for herself in South Florida as a singer, songwriter and performer. With a performance degree from Florida Atlantic University, Jinon has been fortunate enough to make a career doing what she loves.
On any given day, Jinon is either encouraging today’s youth to embrace and explore their talents with their voices, a piano or a ukulele, or she’s performing throughout South Florida, in a musical or at a local venue, sharing her original music.

I joined the Victory Dolls for so many reasons. First and for most I love tight harmonies. When done correctly it’s magical. When I knew who was involved in this project, I felt overwhelmingly honored. These are women I’ve always looked up to. With the idea of creating beautiful music with my friends, I was also craving an artistic change in my life. The timing was almost uncanny.

Aside from performing and teaching, Jinon enjoys spending time with friends. She loves her girls nights, with some wine, and a scary movie. She also loves staying physically and mentally fit. High intensity workouts, and a book filled with positivity and good advice, is her happy place.
Jinon hopes for herself, and for all around her, to always remember what drives you, and follow that inner urge. No dream is too big. It’s when we let go, believe, and trust, beautiful things begin to happen.

A few FAQ’s about me:

Favorite song growing up My favorite song growing up was the Sound of Music, from the musical, Sound of Music. I was completely obsessed with Julie Andrews and her stunning vocal chops.
Favorite cocktail My favorite cocktail is a Grey Goose Cosmo.
Favorite female artist My favorite female artist is the extremely talented, Sara Bareilles.  She’s a very consistent performer and musician. When she took on “Waitress”, as the lyricists and composer, she became even more a total badass.
Fun fact about you I’m really good with accents.